Hunger Satisfaction; Can I Get Some

1 Nov

I came across a blog posting from Jennifer Lee, a behavioral scientist who received her Ph.D. in psychobiology and learning (think: studies of human and animal behavior).  In reading through her blog posting I discovered why I do something that I have been doing for years and now have become anal about.  I learned why I like to pour wine in small quantities.  I like to engage all the senses not in a snooty way but more of a “I need a moment” kinda way.  Apparently it all comes down to maximizing oral-sensory exposure.  The small pour requires me to savor it for as long as possible.  My focus intensifies because of the finality that is introduced, one sip is always the final sip.

As Jennifer dives deep into details and answers why how much we eat and drink is a constant battle for many of us.  She covers how our brains and bodies use a combination of signals to indicate “fullness”: sensory signals (taste, smell), gastric signals (full bellies), and nutrient signals (our bodies tell our brains whether we are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, etc.).  Jennifer also raises some tough questions for most of us western society earthlings.  If something is delicious, how do we stop eating it?  How do we make sure not to consume too much for our own good?  Great questions that led me to thinking about one more question.  How is delicious impacted or enhanced by the company you keep?  Does it change whether its wine or food?  Hunger satisfaction, can I get some?

Please check out Jennifer entire blog posting:

Food and the Brain: Hunger Satisfaction

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